2nd National Business Agility Congress - Business Agility Corporation
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2nd National Business Agility Congress
“Manage the agility of your organization”

Business Agility provides proven results in large organizations.

On June 12, 2017 Business Agility Corporation (BAC), an association formed by professionals from different business areas belonging to the main companies in the country with the aim of achieving success in adapting to new digital business models, has celebrated its 2nd Annual Congress. Under the motto “Manage the agility of your organization”, the event has shown that it is already a benchmark in the market, regarding the adaptation of large companies to new digital business models and emerging technologies.


The meeting, held at the Telefónica Auditorium, brought together more than 300 representatives of the main companies and organizations of our country, who have been able to see first-hand the benefits that are being provided by new methodologies such as Agile, DevOps o Lean IT. Experts from companies of the caliber of Telefónica, Banco Santander, Repsol, BBVA, Ibercaja, Decathlon, General Electric, AXA, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, SNgular, Kairos Digital Solutions o Quint Wellington Redwood have participated at the Congress.

The success of this meeting lies in sharing the real know-how we are experiencing in our organizations through the new ways of agile work and the benefits they bring to teams in the new digital era. For its part, Carmen Gómez Arrayas, vice president of BAC, highlights ''our initiative, supported by experts from our country on Agile, Devops and Lean among others, determines the trends that are taking place in the digital transformation of organizations and promotes the implementation of best practices.''
Isaías Reina, President of BAC

The truth of Business Agility

The cultural change that is taking place in organizations is undeniable, and the new ways of agile work facilitate a greater adaptation to changes and allow practical Business Transformations, greater cohesion of strategic initiatives and better organized teams. In this sense, both Design Thinking and Agile as well as DevOps, joined by the capabilities provided by new technologies, provide models, methods and tools that are key to improving integration, communication and collaboration, as well as speeding up delivery of the solutions and optimizing the user experience. The 2nd BAC Congress has highlighted all these aspects through user cases contributed by the participating companies.

Thank you to all who attended!

Here are some of the most interesting moments of our 2nd National BAC Congress

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