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Exclusive breakfast for BAC members: The impact of Agility on new Professional Profiles

18/01/2017 at 10 am | Banco Santander,
room Deva of the Centro de Visitas (El Faro) 

We approach the cultural change through a case study of Banco Santander


During this meeting, organized by Business Agility Corporation, Banco Santander and Quint Wellington Redwood, we discussed some key competences that help BAC members to better understand the change of roles that is occurring in a traditional project management organization to become an agile one.
We gave the floor to HR managers, who are on the other side of the business trying to provide the necessary training for the reconversion of some professionals, and at the same time, find it difficult to locate the profiles currently demanded on the market.


Speakers at the Breakfast

Susana García Gimeno

Enterprise Transformation
and Agile Expert
Banco Santander

Néstor Flórez

Enterprise Agile Coach, Business Transformation Consultant
Quint Wellington Redwood

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