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1st National Business Agility Congress

The perfect place for Companies, Organizations and Institutions interested in Business Agility.

June 23rd the first meeting of the Business Agility Corporation took place and gathered all the main companies and institutions interested in this new area. It’s an annual event which, over time, will consolidate as the Business Agility reference event, where we will share knowledge and real world experiences.

The Congress will consolidate as the anual event of reference of Business Agility

One of the main goals is to transmit the Lean Start-up principles, as well as Design Thinking, Agile and DevOps, all put in context of the Digital Transformation. The association wants to further the research about topics related to the Business Agility as well as the practical application of these principles, oriented towards achieving measurable Business goals.

Picture Gallery of the 2016 Congress

In a couple of days we will have ready the pictures for the 2016 BAC Congress.

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